Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

An 86-acre preserve on Maine's St. George Peninsula

Visiting the Refuge


Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary welcomes visitors.  Each year, local organizations conduct bird watching tours; but we also welcome individuals and small groups interested in the natural world.

This is a sanctuary, and must be treated as such. Visitors must not disturb the creatures who make it their home and raise their young. This means being quiet and unobtrusive. Dogs may not be brought onto the refuge because canines are predators that mark their territory, with the result that other animals and birds feel unsafe in their presence and desert the area. There are no trash receptacles on the sanctuary, so visitors are asked to “leave no trace.”

Visitors may access the Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary from Scraggle Point Road. To arrange a school trip or a birdwatching tour, or to access the sanctuary from Clark Island Road, please call us at 207 596 6373 or email jocpaq@yahoo.com .