The Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique property. Once an abandoned granite quarry site, it has undergone restoration over the last 28 years to maximize its habitat value.  The surrounding land—including a salt marsh, wooded wetlands, and more than half a mile of shoreline—has been purchased and protected, resulting in an 86-acre nature preserve with ponds and woodlands teeming with wildlife. Environmentally-oriented visitors will see a work-in-progress and learn about painstaking efforts to conserve Maine’s precious coastal and watershed habitat.

Our Mission

The mission of Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is to preserve and enhance select tracts of Maine’s coastal habitat.  With the onslaught of development along Maine’s coast, wildlife habitat is vanishing at an alarming rate.  While some species—such as raccoons and foxes—adapt to development, other species such as bald eagles are left with no place to live and breed, resulting in diminished biodiversity.  The Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary provides 86 acres of relatively undisturbed habitat on Wheeler Bay for all species to thrive. The mission is therefore to protect, enhance, educate, and inspire.